Can a logbook loan pay for your medical expenses?

Living in the UK, we’re lucky enough to have the NHS taking care of us if we ever need a doctor, hospital treatment or undergo any kind of surgery. But there are times when we might be on holiday abroad, or we need specialist equipment that isn’t available on the NHS. This is where costs can mount up. So can a logbook loan help pay for your medical expenses?

Medical costs can run into thousands or potentially, tens of thousands of pounds. And if you have no insurance cover outside the UK, or there’s no choice but to pay for procedures or equipment yourself, then it could leave you with big bills with no way to pay for them. If the worst happens, finding enough money to pay for urgent medical expenses can just increase the pressure you’re under already.

Getting EU medical expenses cover

As the UK is currently a member of the EU, just one of the many benefits available to you is the free health cover when you’re in Europe. There’s an agreement within the EU that means visitors from any EU country to any other EU country have the right to medical treatment. The vast majority of any costs involved are then claimed back from the visitor’s home country Government.

By having a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), it gives you the right to receive state-provided healthcare during your time abroad within the EU, whether it’s a holiday or business trip. So the EHIC covers you for any doctor or hospital treatment that’s medically necessary until you return home.

If you need it, you’ll receive the same treatment as a visitor, as you would if you lived there. And usually, the treatment will be for free, so it’s hugely helpful to you as a traveller. However, some countries may ask you for a contribution towards the treatment, so even then some costs might be incurred.

Though the EHIC card is free, it’s not mandatory to have one, so you can travel without it. Those that do will often have some other third party health insurance. But the EHIC card is not an alternative for travel insurance – it will only cover you for healthcare, so you’ll also need to have relevant travel insurance. But it’s the travellers that don’t have any health cover that can run into difficulties.

Cover for other countries

If you’re visiting countries outside the EU, such as the USA for example, then you should have full health and travel insurance in place before you travel. Medical treatment in America is expensive and there is no free healthcare, like the NHS, to take advantage of if you need medical attention.

Some US hospitals may even ask foreign travellers to make a deposit as soon as they arrive. Though they understand you might be a non-US citizen, these payments are seen as a donation to help towards the cost of your treatment. Any requests for money should be directed to your travel insurance provider as soon as possible and they can help you.

Whether you’re visiting Europe, America, or anywhere else, it’s so important to get as much health cover as you can before you go. Though, for the moment, cover in the EU will be available even if you lose or forget your EHIC card, for anywhere else, you’re on your own. And medical expenses can quickly add up if you’re unfortunate enough to be without cover.

Specialist equipment

Looking at the health cover issues you might face when travelling is only part of the story. There may be many different situations where you’re at home in the UK undergoing hospital treatment, and your post-operative care could require expensive equipment to help your recovery.

Being discharged from hospital is a breakthrough day after any operation or series of treatment. But often the specialist equipment you might need for home is only available in limited quantities. When this is the case, there’s often a waiting list, so you could be kept in hospital for longer, so the equipment you need is on hand. Much of any specialist equipment can be bought privately for your own use. But in order to buy it, you’ll need to raise a significant sum of money to help you.

Then of course, there are procedures that may not be available to you on the NHS. More often than not, these are purely cosmetic and used for any enlargements, reductions, or nips and tucks among other things. Many of these ops are done privately, in which case, again, you’ll need to generate a hefty amount of finance in order to go ahead.

A logbook loan for medical expenses

If medical expenses start mounting up for any healthcare abroad, or you’re looking to purchase your own specialist equipment, or even to save for a cosmetic procedure, larger sums of cash are often difficult to find. So where can you go to get the funds you need?

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