Could Building a Lifestyle Around Hunting also be a Financially-Sound Choice?

BY Liam Cole 2 March,2018 No Comments
Living is expensive. The costs for basic living essentials alone (i.e., rent/mortgage and groceries) leaves most of us with a limited disposable income at the end of each month. Add on costs from things like student loans, car payments, and insurance, and we wonder how we’ll ever get ahead in life financially. We ask ourselves how we can begin to build for our futures by building financially-res(more...)
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Finding the Funds to Pay for Surprise Expenses and Repairs

BY Liam Cole 12 February,2018 No Comments
Everything’s going along fine, and then boom: a major emergency hits and you’re faced with unexpected expenses and not enough money to cover them. For example, your car may break down and need major repairs to get it back on the road, or it may even need to be replaced if it’s been in an accident or would cost more to fix than what it’s worth. That’s just one possibility of something tha(more...)