4 Arguments in Favor of Moving Your Business towards Document Centralization

BY Liam Cole 12 February,2018 No Comments
Every organization has their own intricate patterns for growth, and each and every department within the company merges together to achieve that growth. This can be illustrative, for example, of an organization operating in the IT sector, which will obviously have a larger customer service department than that of a retail store. Due to the differences and the individual modular needs of organiz(more...)
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3 Fast Ways to Fill the Bank When You’re Shortchanged

BY Liam Cole 22 January,2018 No Comments
Life has a way of happening fast. One moment things are going great and you’re trucking along with enough money in the bank to make rent and your car payment, as well as your other bills, and you even have enough to spare for a new outfit or pair of shoes. Other moments don’t exactly go this way. Once you’ve paid all the bills, you’re lucky if you have enough change to pay for parking at t(more...)