Is Debt Help Worth Debt Consolidation Vs Debt Settlement?

BY Liam Cole 3 June,2021 No Comments
If you find yourself overwhelmed with debt or facing financial difficulties and are looking for help, debt help is a valuable resource that can help. Debt cancellation or debt settlement is the temporary or partial cancellation of debt, owed by people, companies, or countries. Debt cancellation will allow you to reduce your debt balance through repayment plans with your creditors and will allow y(more...)

Why the Citi’s bitcoin report shouldn’t be considered as ‘embarrassingly bad’ 

BY Liam Cole 1 June,2021 No Comments
It’s not every day, that you can observe the Financial Times openly (and without any hesitation) bash a globally important institution or bank, just like they recently did with Citi. In March 2021 the bank issued its bitcoin report, under the title ‘At the Tipping Point’. Financial Times then described it as ‘embarrassingly bad’, and we’ll try to determine whether that’s true or not(more...)
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