Consolidating Your Debt – How to Lower Your Monthly Payments and Get a Lower Interest Rate

BY Liam Cole 1 October,2021 No Comments
Whether or not consolidating your debt by a loan is a wise move depends largely on your individual financial circumstance and on the kind of debt consolidation being looked at. Consolidating your debt using a home equity loan may lower your monthly payments and offer some immediate relief, however, a longer term payment can also mean paying much more in overall interest. It is important to know w(more...)

Paying Off Credit Cards: The Number One Step You Need to Take

BY Liam Cole 24 September,2021 No Comments
You can do several things to pay off your credit cards quickly. First of all, cut up your credit cards and cancel any outstanding balances you might have. Credit card debt is now a big albatross which will eat up to your hard-earned cash. If you carry a high balance, then the high interest charges you will be paying will dwarf any credit card benefits you might have earned. If you are thinking(more...)