To File Or Not To File? The Bankruptcy Question

BY Liam Cole 17 March,2019 No Comments
Financial hardships happen. Mistakes occur. Disasters and tragedies that cost money are real events in people's lives. Business fail. Credit card debt gets out of control. But there's always a light at the end of the tunnel for people willing to work hard to get out of those situations. And sometimes, the big reset button of bankruptcy is the way to go. (more…)
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Why can’t they be more like First Direct?

BY Liam Cole 17 March,2019 No Comments
This is my last Money comment. After almost four years of musing, sermonising and occasionally ranting and raving, I am moving on to pastures new. It has been an extraordinary time to be writing about personal finance, given the pace of change that has, thankfully, been mostly for the better. There has been the shake-up of the investment world — the retail distribution review’s yawnsome(more...)
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