How Your Credit Usage and Score Influence Your Loan Qualification

BY Liam Cole 10 May,2021 No Comments
A credit score, also referred to as a credit rating, is a numerical representation of an individual's credit-worthiness, reflecting the credit-worthiness of that person. A credit score usually is based on detailed credit reports, usually sourced from several credit agencies. A credit score provides important information about a borrower's borrowing habits and credit-reverage, and how those behavi(more...)

How Does the Stock Market Work?

BY Liam Cole 26 April,2021 No Comments
A stock market, stock exchange, or share exchange is an organization where stock shares of publicly traded corporations are listed; this can include securities listed on an exchange, which are traded on a national stock exchange. The purpose of a stock market is to provide a marketplace in which to buy and sell stock that results in collective buy-sell agreements. It is also referred to as an "as(more...)