Metrics and Methods of Different Options for Loans

BY Liam Cole 27 July,2020 No Comments
If you are taking a loan then you need to understand all about the loan before you are committed to taking the loan. There are different types of loans and you need to do a careful and proper evaluation before you decide to sign up. To do this, there are various metrics you need to consider. Metrics are specific numbers related to the loan. These need to be known to understand more about the loan(more...)

Why Amaiz Is Better Than Other Banking Services Overview

BY Liam Cole 10 February,2020 No Comments
Amaiz is a company that provides people with the option of having a business current account but it does not run like a bank. Your money is under the protection of UK Electronic Money Regulations 2011. A ring-fenced account is used to keep your money as it is safer and protected. Amaiz does not put a limit on the number of transactions you want to make during the day. Amaiz is a customer-oriented(more...)