Portafina Provides Easily Accessible Financial Knowledge

Financial knowledge is something that many people seek, and many companies provide. While it can be a competitive space, individual businesses are standing out because of their transparent approach, as well as the ability to provide financial information in a friendly and straightforward way. The experts at Portafina can be listed amongst one of these companies, and they have a list of accolades to prove this.

Portafina has been building its organisation since 2009, and they’ve managed to achieve a significant amount of success over the past couple of years. 2018 has especially been a remarkable year because they’ve not only achieved recognition locally but internationally too.

Local Recognition

Regarding local recognition, KM Media Group, a media group who has been providing entertainment and news in the county of Kent for over 150 years, listed Portafina in their MegaGrowth Top 50 List. The media group found Portafina’s increased turnover across the last three years as well as their business growth outstanding.

International Recognition

Adding to their list of accomplishments, the Financial Times, an internationally acclaimed finance body that covers new, statistics, and general finance-related news, included Portafina on the Financial Times Future 100 List. This longed-for feature was achieved due to Portafina’s ability to exhibit diversity, the innovative use of technology and their positive impact on society.

However, beyond their use of technology, keeping things simple is where Portafina seems to have been able to separate itself from the competition. After all, their frank, friendly approach is why they’ve had so many new and repeat customers over the past couple of years!

Additionally, they were also included on another Financial Times list: the Financial Times Adviser Top 100, classified as a leading financial adviser in the UK. It’s an achievement that they’re very proud of considering the steep competition and amount of time they’ve been in operation. A financial adviser is a need nowadays, things are becoming more expensive, yet wages are not increasing along with it, people need help. Luckily there are advisers out there like Portafina who use the latest marketing and tech software, from companies like LeadJig, to help them stay on top and be there for people and businesses who require that assistance.

Jamie Smith-Thompson, Managing Director at Portafina, says,

“There are some of the financial industry’s biggest and best in this list and most have been operating for half a century or more. To have the Portafina name sitting amongst them so soon is something I am immensely proud of.”

The Future of Portafina

Portafina has had a remarkable year and wants nothing more than to give back in the best way possible. For this reason, they have dedicated a website to aspiring finance professional to learn more about the sector and how they work. It is a great opportunity as now is an excellent time to join Portafina’s quickly expanding team. Visit Portafina’s new job site today if you want more information on career opportunities with them.

They’re dedicated to taking a personal approach and helping people to succeed. For those who are keen, team players and have the right attitude; it’s the perfect platform.

For more information on Portafina and to hear firsthand about career opportunities, follow Portafina’s Linkedln. Additionally, to get finance tips that could improve your financial future, follow Portafina on Twitter, and take a look at Portafina Youtube and Portafina Facebook page too!