The Best Sectors to Invest In

The world is turning into a global village because of technology. Its advancement is creating new markets and investment sectors daily. It is indeed hard to keep track of the growing trends and navigate through economic changes. But, there are sectors where you could invest which are bound to bring profit. Below are the industries which you can make money in this year.

Virtual Reality

In 2016, the virtual reality sector started to boom. The introduction of virtual hardware like the Oculus Rift headsets started the flourishment of this industry. This sector’s present situation is going well, and soon, it could surely take over various sectors. This part of the market totalled $500 million in 2016, and by the end of this year, it should reach around $1.7 billion. Experts also estimate that this industry will rise to $24.5 billion by 2020.

Video Games

The video game industry has been impacted by the introduction of virtual reality. Some video games have already started to be played in the VR mood, after the release of the Oculus headsets. Even PS4 and Xbox One are planning to add these headsets to their games, but are still creating their own. Analysis showed that the use of VR will be adopted by many professional gamers in the start, but since its introduction, it has taken the internet by storm. The sales of these devices for video games are already high, and will keep rising in 2018. The video game sector is also a good investment, because of ongoing technological improvements.

Translation Services

Across the world, humans speak more than hundreds of languages. Due to this and globalisation, multilingualism in the business sector is becoming a must. Given that businesses invest in more than one country, they are bound to hire translators similar to those that can be found on this great site to help them communicate better with their customers. Only linguistic trends will be enough to make you want to invest in this sector, you can as well analyse the translation services on Skype and Google. These two companies are expanding their services in terms of translation as per The Christian Science Monitor. The reason of doing so is because global consumers want this type of personalised attention, which means communication in their language.


Biotechnology ran well for over five years, but was less trusted in 2016. Experts have it that biotech will be back in 2017. Investing in biotechnology is a good thing for 2017 as it involves pharmaceuticals. This sector never goes down as people are always in need of medications. Your investment will be put into projects such as researching adenovirus packaging and creating cures for motor neurone disease.

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