Why Amaiz Is Better Than Other Banking Services Overview

Amaiz is a company that provides people with the option of having a business current account but it does not run like a bank. Your money is under the protection of UK Electronic Money Regulations 2011. A ring-fenced account is used to keep your money as it is safer and protected. Amaiz does not put a limit on the number of transactions you want to make during the day. Amaiz is a customer-oriented company as it has made sure to facilitate businesses. Amaiz has two different plans; one being a starter plan starting £0.00 per month and an advanced plan starting at £9.99 per month.

Why prefer Amaiz over a bank and other similar companies

The main problem people face with banks is that there are usually always some hidden charges. They can be vague and unclear making it impossible to avoid them. What I love about Amaiz is that they are extremely straightforward regarding their charges. You won’t find any extra hidden charges or transaction costs. You would know exactly what the costs are and what you have to pay. The best thing is that these costs are not that high and you can start a free trial to see if you like it.

To give it a try, I opted for the monthly starter pack. It gave me the option of 24/7 support making is super accessible, even on public holidays. I could make cash transactions, invoices and manage my receipts easily. I even opted for paying 20p for an instant notification for every transaction I made. It helped me keep tabs and make sure that the transactions had taken place. When I opened my account, they issued me a Business Contactless MasterCard. I have the easy option of switching between my laptop and mobile phone. I can easily freeze and unfreeze my card using my phone. If I need to reorder my card, I can easily do that using my phone as well. There is an in-app pin that I can use to make it more secure. Withdrawals and cash top-ups are free of cost. It even gives me the option to store my invoices and capture receipts. I use a Jar account which I can use to save for my taxes. This account can be used to store anything. Due to improvements, now the jar account even has auto-fill, making it easier and convenient. I can view and analyze my cash flow charts with the press of a button. An Amaiz account comes with smart expense categorisation. I gave this company a try and it proved to be trustworthy and easy to use. It has given me various options that help me manage my business account. I am now shifting to the advanced package to utilise all the features to optimise my experience with Amaiz. I would recommend that everyone give Amaiz a try. It is extremely convenient and has proven to be helpful for my business. If you’re still skeptical, take the free trial to get a sense of what it’s like.