How to Manage When Living with Debt

Debt problems go hand in hand with anxiety, and living with the stress of debt can affect every part of life; work, relationships, even mental health – not just finances. What’s often overlooked is how best to manage when you’re in debt and trying to pay it off. No matter how bad your own personal relationship with debt is, the good news is that with some patience and (most importantly) perseverance it’s absolutely possible to become debt free, and there are ways to better manage your finances during this tricky period. Here are a few tips to help manage when living with debt.

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3 Fast Ways to Fill the Bank When You’re Shortchanged

Life has a way of happening fast. One moment things are going great and you’re trucking along with enough money in the bank to make rent and your car payment, as well as your other bills, and you even have enough to spare for a new outfit or pair of shoes. Other moments don’t exactly go this way. Once you’ve paid all the bills, you’re lucky if you have enough change to pay for parking at the meter. Contine reading

Portafina Provides Easily Accessible Financial Knowledge

Financial knowledge is something that many people seek, and many companies provide. While it can be a competitive space, individual businesses are standing out because of their transparent approach, as well as the ability to provide financial information in a friendly and straightforward way. The experts at Portafina can be listed amongst one of these companies, and they have a list of accolades to prove this. Contine reading

Finding and Freeing up Some Extra Cash

For those who are lucky enough to have come across this truism, it’s no secret that generally the advice you’d be given by the major financial institutions as to how to manage your finances ultimately begs to benefit them more than it will ever benefit you. For example, a big commercial bank might post on their blog some information that is pro-saving, which to be fair could indeed benefit you in some way, but it definitely benefits them more than it would you. Contine reading