The Best Financial Apps of 2016

These days anything is possible to execute from your smartphone from the tips of your fingers.  There are a variety of apps that assist us with practically everything.  From graphic design to GPS to financial budgeting and banking.  

Which apps are the best for what you require them for?  When deciding on the best apps  to choose from, the most crucial factors are ease of use, an efficient design, compatibility with your mobile device, and most importantly when dealing with your finances, security.

The experts have tested out the hundreds of financial apps out there on the market and put all of the features to the test.  The results are in, and the best financial apps of 2016 have emerged.  Take a look at some of the favorite mobile money tools of the pro’s and why they stand out from the rest.


PayPal was one of the forefathers of the financial programs.  By providing a platform for people to be able to send and receive funds meanwhile protecting their identities and guarding themselves against fraud, this was a user favorite from the beginning.

One of the key features of PayPal is protecting customers against paying for goods that were never received, received damaged, or under false descriptions.  Simultaneously also protecting not only customers but merchants as well.  PayPal holds the funds if there is a dispute until both parties of a transaction fulfill their end of the deal.

Additionally, their sophisticated encryption keeps your information safe and sound online and out of the grips of online fraudulent activity.


Mint is a platform that provides a wide array of financial assistance.  By syncing your bank account information to the application, Mint safely transfers and assesses all of your financial data into one single account.

Mint gives you a visually rich application providing spending tracking capabilities, budgeting resources, real-time banking notifications, credit consolidation and savings tips, and best of all it’s free.

The app connects to almost every financial institution in the United States making it a favorite for people with even the most modest of resources because of it’s simplicity.  If you have been looking for an all in one app rather than a variety of multiple programs cluttering up your screen, then Mint may be the one for you.  


LearnVest is a financial planner which guides the user in setting goals, recommending the best strategies for investments, and a spending tracker.

LearnVest is particularly useful for assisting in maximizing financial investments.  If you have found yourself with a large amount of money from a settlement, or a sudden inheritance, LearnVest provides around the clock financial advising for a very reasonable fee.

You have access to educational tools such as personal finance classes, and articles, as well as live assistance.