Looking to finance a car upgrade?

BY Liam Cole 13 March,2017 No Comments
Are you getting a little tired of your existing car and fancy a newer model? Perhaps it’s more a case that you simply need something different, because a new arrival has increased your family size and you need a vehicle with a little more space. Whatever the cause, if you’re planning to upgrade and purchase another car, you’re probably going to be faced with deciding how to finance it.(more...)

Six financial books everyone should read

BY Liam Cole 10 February,2017 No Comments
The internet has transformed the way we learn about money. It’s easy to compare and switch savings accounts, follow stock markets and buy and sell shares with a few clicks of the mouse. There are all sorts of tools and articles online that can help you master different aspects of personal finance. However, there is still an important place for books in a broad financial eduction — with their h(more...)
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