A Loan That Gives You The Affordability You Need

BY Liam Cole 10 February,2017 No Comments
The recent downturns in the economy have left thousands of people finding it more difficult to borrow money. As banks and other traditional forms of borrowing have become more strict with their lending policies, people are looking for other ways to borrow, and logbook loans are fast becoming one of the most popular. So, compared to a standard bank loan, could a logbook loan offer the affordability(more...)

Should You Combine Finances? Managing Money As A Couple

BY Liam Cole 7 February,2017 No Comments
Combining finances can be a touchy subject for couples, posing many important questions. Is it necessary to combine your accounts? What if one person makes more money than the other? What if you have kids or buy a house? Depending on the circumstances, it may feel easier to manage your money together, but that doesn’t mean the transition will be stress free. (more…)