4 Tips For Reducing Your Debt

BY Liam Cole 14 September,2017 No Comments
When it comes to having a healthy financial lifestyle, the first thing that you need to take into consideration is how much debt you are in.  No matter how big your salary is if you have more debt than income you have a poor state of financial health. In order to take control of your finances the first step is taking control of your debt.  Once you have a made a total assessment of how much m(more...)

14 apps to get you more financially fit

BY Liam Cole 12 September,2017 No Comments
If you’re planning to make it your new year’s resolution to get on top of your finances in 2016, there is plenty of technology at hand to make the task easier for you to achieve. From sticking to a budget to saving on travel, a range of apps are available to help, and many don’t cost a penny so you can start saving straight away. Here’s our pick of the best. (more…)
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