3 Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids About Investing

BY Liam Cole 18 June,2016 No Comments
With an ever-fluctuating stock market and an uncertain future, saving as much as you can now can help make sure you are financially secure regardless of what happens in the rest of the world. But while you’re worried about how your portfolio is performing, you may be neglecting teaching your children how to properly invest in order to secure their own futures once they leave home. (more…)(more...)
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Medical Debt And How To Prevent It

BY Liam Cole 4 June,2016 No Comments
A simple visit to the doctor can be expensive. If you need to go to the emergency room it can be even pricier. Then on top of that you have your regular checkups, plus medications. It can be really easy to have medical debt stack up on you, especially if you are diagnosed with any type of health condition. (more…)