Three Tips For Dealing With Money Emergencies

BY Liam Cole 29 July,2016 No Comments
There are many reasons that you may need some money, and fast. It could be that you have an emergency, like your car broke down or your water heater in your home quit working. Maybe you have to go on a last minute trip to help a sick family member. (more…)

Debt Mountain – 37% of Brits lie to their partner about their debts

BY Liam Cole 11 July,2016 No Comments
New research from an online money saving and voucher code website has revealed that 37% of people in the UK lie to their partner about their debts. This includes not disclosing any debts that they have and how much money they owe. Mortgages, credit cards and overdrafts are the main sources of debt for the majority of Brits with 5% of those polled owing to payday loan companies. (more…)