3 Ways to Earn Money If You’re Good At Technology

BY Liam Cole 20 September,2016 No Comments
Everybody gets faced with the question of what they want to do with their life. For most people, the question is introduced at infancy. Parents have always been good at pinning jobs on their children whenever they show an aptitude for something. If a kid likes to sing, the parents say, "There's our little singer". If the kid is smart, they say that their kid is going to be the next president of th(more...)
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New government fees will potentially undermine insolvency regime, R3 warns

BY Liam Cole 15 August,2016 No Comments
New and increased government insolvency fees introduced in July look certain to undermine the current UK insolvency regime. R3 has warned that this may cost creditors 8million pounds per year. The insolvency trade body has warned that by threating creditor returns the government could undermine the UK’s World Bank insolvency rankings. Leading insolvency firm MGJL have stated that the changes cou(more...)
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