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Websites are responsible for bringing in an insane amount of money for businesses, independent contractors, and entrepreneurs of all sorts around the world. No matter what you want to do, there’s a way to monetize it over a website. The trick with websites, however, is that are about a billion of them in existence. Sure, many of those websites are inactive, but that still means that you’re in competition with an astronomical amount of other sites out there that are probably doing something very similar to what you’re doing. Contine reading

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Today it is doubtful our children will be better off than we are. Today, buying a decent  home is no more than a dream for many hard-working UK families.The median family income about 40 years ago was taxed at the rate of about 2%. These days the  tax rate is closer to 25%. You could say that UK families no longer enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world. It may require two weekly paychecks to keep many families going. People are having to sacrifice some basic necessities such as electricity, gas, and heating just to get by.

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