Four Ways To Save More Money Every Day

Sooner or later you are going to need money for something. Maybe your car breaks down and can’t be fixed so you need a down payment for a new one, or maybe you become ill and have to leave your job and find a way to survive without a steady income. In that scenario, with any luck, you’ll have some sort of annuity from your job, or at least some disability money coming in, but you still want to have some sort of a nest egg put away. Contine reading

Should You Stop Gambling If You’re In Debt?

For many of us, gambling is just part of our culture and part of what we do for entertainment, whether it’s just taking a chance now and then at the local casino or if it’s somewhat of a career you engage in on a full-time basis. I personally know very few people who are completely debt free, so I guess you know where I’m headed with my answer to the question of whether or not one should completely stop gambling when it debt. The short answer is “no,” but then again this all depends on your relationship with your gambling habits. Contine reading